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Michelle Renney reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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I have been very pleased with every aspect of this gym. From the trainers, other members and how Allen makes a point to say hello and encourage!! I tried BBC and found it didn’t suit me and especially when it came to the price of membership!! Just as many classes available and 1/2 the price...So glad to have found this treasure!!’

Lisa Uber reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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I absolutely love the fact that every time you go, you will always be doing a different, while very effective, workout! I get bored super easily working out - but not here! Love the variety, the instructors, and the people attending! Everyone is so supportive!!! If you are looking for a gym - give this one a try!

Tina Robbins Barton reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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There isn't a better gym out there.. These guys work hard to bring us the newest most effective way to get and stay strong/fit. Fitness One is also the friendliest gym I have ever been to.

Jason Milam reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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Personable trainers, intense workouts and a variety of classes will get you where you want to be. Allen does an awesome job on the Krav classes! Never had one class disappoint.

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Personal Trainer explains how to get great fitness results-Fitness One Kernersville NC.

From a personal trainer: The best workout to get results

Fitness results and anti-aging training is actually a very simple process.

As a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist, I have learned a lot over the last 25 years. One thing about fitness is 100% certain, the way people are going at it is  limiting the results they could be getting from all of their hard work.

The idea is this: You have to build muscle mass one way or another or you essentially spend your life slowly wasting away and gathering pains. Many pains from getting older could be allayed by increased musculature to hold everything in place. In addition, more muscle mass=more calories burned when you are not at the gym. Seems like a simple win-win.

The problem is, many trainers are STILL prescribing mindless cardio and ballistic plyometrics to clients, which gives a good “workout” (What does this even mean?) but offers little in the way of changes to the body. “Getting a sweat” while fun is not going to give you a different physique, any more than  getting in the bathtub makes you a scuba diver. Both ways you are in the water, but…you get the idea.

When I explain this to my Personal training clients in Kernersville, NC it changes the game on results and helps speed up amazing total body transformations when they follow the plan.

The idea behind proper strength training? You need your DNA to signal to build muscle, as an adaptive response. You basically want to trick your body into thinking it needs to  be bigger and stronger. It must feel that it cannot handle the environment placed on it, so it needs to add more muscle to prepare you for the next time it faces similar threats.

If you don’t work to failure, you can’t be sure how well you are triggering an adaptive response. Without the adaptive response, there is no change, without change, there is wasted time in the gym. It really is that simple. My personal training clients work on average 3 x per week for 20-30 minutes. in this time I have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds, with total body changes and transformations. No cardio needed. (More on this later)

This is the TRUE HIT or high intensity strength training, done under control with proper strength moves to trigger a physiological response. Now trainers will use the term “HIT” and refer to cardio, which is totally incorect. HIT was never meant to be used this way, it was designed around strength training, which when done correctly activates more than enough of a “cardio” workout with its focuses on properly applied strength training.

Many Personal Trainers still prescribe cardio training

You don’t want your fitness to undermine your health. I think most of us work out in order to be healthy and not be sickly and stay out of the hospital, which is right where an injury can put you. Where do most of these injuries come from? ABUSE of the body doing mindless cardio. Jump jump jump, slam the hammer, bounce, run, lift as hard as you can until you drop. I know people still like to do it, but my clients never need be caught doing this senseless work. Many Personal Trainers are still so caught up in the old way of doing things they are jeopardizing the health of their clients for these poorly designed routines. These are skill based activities, not fitness training. If you want to do them fine, but not for fitness results. Changes happen with adaptations to the physiology, not from doing cardio with the attempt to “burn the calories.”

As a trainer, I am also obviously very cautious about plyometrics, box jumping and things like P90X or Insanity. You really need to be an athlete, preferably very young with strong bones before even attempting this, not to mention being unfailingly coordinated. (Even with this it is not a good way to get actual results, but if you want to get good at exercising you will) Skill-based exercise can certainly undermine your health if you don’t have the skills, being more likely to cause injury and wear and tear.  These have no place in a fitness program where you are seeking actual results from the program.

When you have moderate athletic ability and you dive in and try complicated box jumps, plyometrics and fancy routines and you land incorrectly, you end up in the E.R., where unhealthy people go. “Insanity” has that name for a reason. Perhaps a more reliable, sustainable, science based method of training  is in order. But hey, while you feel young and invincible and have no real drive for results, just danger then go for it. Ask yourself, “Am I getting great results, or am I just getting good at exercising?” Also, check your trainer’s programs “before and after” credentials. If bodies aren’t changing, you might need to consider a new trainer.

For getting results, lean muscle mass is the key

The HIT method of strength that we use on the other hand is through muscular fatigue in a controlled, injury-free environment. When you fatigue, you are moving in slow motion, too weak to hurt yourself. You simply at this point cannot produce enough force to injure yourself. You’re not going to have a kettle ball flying through the air when you suddenly lose all of your strength, or be in the middle of a flailing hammer swing on a tire.  You are not given the opportunity to be sloppy in form from exhaustion, eliminating that counter-productiveness.

In these strength workouts, there is not a lot of stretching or warm up. Each workout puts the muscles through a full range of motions and you actually avoid aerobic exercise, doing a slow, intense, mostly anaerobic workout.  It is a faster workout and you can quickly overwhelm the system. It is

more effective, faster, safer and gives an even bigger increase in strength.

Those who attend my strength classes or are my personal training clients are recognizing these things I’m talking about.

During these slow, controlled strength movements the heart is pounding (it does not know the difference between you cycling, running or weight training) We are sending the signal to the nervous system to add more muscle, and we are training in a way that is controlled, safe, and gets great results without undermining your health with the higher risk of injuries.

Lastly, our style of HIT training  is perfect for morbidly obese, very out of shape or geriatric people. The fatigue level is the fatigue level, and you’re already moving slowly with little chance of injury. The explosive, rip-tearing muscle carnage of common weight training is usually what causes people to freak out and give up in agony or exhaustion very shortly after beginning a new routine. This is slow, controlled and focused and perfect for any level, because your level of fatigue is what is is, and all workouts are perfectly scaled to the level you need it.

If you want  to learn more about my personal training or group class system at Fitness One in Kernersville, I would love to meet you. I like to meet each new member for an assessment and discussion on proper protocol for safe, effective results. There really is a much better way of doing things, and I can help you discover that style of training. If you are stuck on training the old way, you are not alone, lots of people are. But it might be time to ask yourself, am I here for entertainment, or for results?  I can help you figure this out.

Where do bootcamps, boxing, and circuit training come in to the equation? I will talk about that in my next blog post, “Functional vs. skill, what do you need?” I’m always around to answer questions about proper training and effective results, feel free to reach out anytime to  336-655-4558 or email me at


Allen Branch


Allen Branch is a certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist, sports nutritionist, sports conditioning expert and martial arts hall of fame black belt. Allen and his wife Olinda founded Fitness One Training Systems in 2009 and the world headquarters is in Kernersville, N.C.

He is available for consultation, training and online consulting and can be reached at 336-655-4558.