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Michelle Renney reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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I have been very pleased with every aspect of this gym. From the trainers, other members and how Allen makes a point to say hello and encourage!! I tried BBC and found it didn’t suit me and especially when it came to the price of membership!! Just as many classes available and 1/2 the price...So glad to have found this treasure!!’

Lisa Uber reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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I absolutely love the fact that every time you go, you will always be doing a different, while very effective, workout! I get bored super easily working out - but not here! Love the variety, the instructors, and the people attending! Everyone is so supportive!!! If you are looking for a gym - give this one a try!

Tina Robbins Barton reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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There isn't a better gym out there.. These guys work hard to bring us the newest most effective way to get and stay strong/fit. Fitness One is also the friendliest gym I have ever been to.

Jason Milam reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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Personable trainers, intense workouts and a variety of classes will get you where you want to be. Allen does an awesome job on the Krav classes! Never had one class disappoint.

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How much rest do I need after my workouts?

Another week passed and you put in the work, and focused on eating clean and healthy. That is such a big part of seeing results from your fitness and exercise program at the gym.
Everyone at my facility, Fitness One Training systems in Kernersville N.C. understands that proper recovery from a workout is just as important as the exercise program itself. Especially after a proper strength training workout where the correct stimulus has been applied, and the muscle has received that need “to grow stronger.” We know that it is NOT during the workout where you receive the benefit, it is actually after the recovery when you reap the rewards. When you have inroaded the muscle (applied the correct stimulus to momentary muscle failure in your fitness workout) then the magic begin to happen. It is so important that you do not exercise again until you have recovered, or you will not see the full benefit to the work performed.
Dr. Doug Mcguff explains,
“Inroading consumes resources that must be replenished. If you bring the inroading stimulus back to your muscles before your body has completed the response, it will either interfere with the response or prevent it from occurring. Providing a sufficient stimulus is only 50 percent of the process, sufficient recovery time makes up the other 50 percent. When inroading is successfully achieved from exercise, not only is muscle growth promoted, but some secondary events take place as well:
Cardio-respiratory stimulation: Your cardio-respiratory system serves the mechanical functioning of the muscles. The higher the intensity of the muscular work, the higher the quality of the cardiovascular and respiratory stimulus will be.
Metabolic stimulation: During inroading, metabolic wastes (mostly lactic acid) accumulate faster than they can be eliminated. This creates an environment where growth factors are released and the first stages of muscle growth are stimulated.
Muscle and bone increases: As you get stronger, heavier weights are necessary to challenge you enough for inroading to occur. Exposure to heavier weights causes microscopic cellular damage that initiates the muscular adaptation and is viewed as essential for stimulating increases]”
Understanding this, there would never be a time when you would do strength exercises back to back, understanding that the muscle must recover before being worked again.
An exception to this rule would be the X3 band system, and we will discuss more on this training method in another article.
Far to many people workout far to hard and way to often, seeking faster gains, and the simple truth is that the physiology just doesn’t allow this. Getting faster fitness results by working out harder and more often is like pushing the button on the elevator to make it arrive faster. It just simply does not speed up the process. At Fitness One I recommend typically a 4 day training week, this can vary with split routines but for most people it does the job very well. We offer a flexible fitness schedule to help you accomplish this without overworking.
Other considerations are wear and tear on joints, which absolutely will cause problems with excess training and lack of rest.
In recap, proper inroading of muscle must be acheived (lift a weight heavy enough to cause the proper dose) and follow that with adequate rest, and great nutrition. This will ensure the best results from the program, and safety of the body. As a trainer, i’m after results, and those results include your longevity and ability to live the way you want, for as long as God allows you do it.
If you need me, I’m always around.
Allen Branch
Allen Branch is the founder of Fitness One Training Systems in Kernersville NC and is a Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist with the NASM and also has fitness certifications in human biomechanics, sports conditioning, sports nutrition and Kickboxing. Allen created the Fitness One Systemas a science based, results oriented system that has photo documentation of hundreds of total body transformations since it was formed in 2007. Always on the cutting edge of research, Allen was first in his region to offer kickboxing, kettlebells, TRX suspension training, HIIT, Kickboxing and Krav Maga. Allen is currently training with the all new Titan Biomedical X3 system (Proven to get strength results 3x faster than traditional methods) and is creating ways to incorporate this new science to group classes and all ages of client.
Allen is available  for online coaching for fitness, nutrition, self-defense and confidence building. He can be reached at or by phone at 336-655-4558.