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Fitness One in Kernersville, NC | Martial Arts, Fitness, & Personal Training
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It's time to take a step away from the boring gym routine and try our proven fitness classes that drive real RESULTS! At Fitness One, you never repeat the same class over and over, so you're guaranteed to love our programs!

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Fitness Programs and Classes for Every Age and Every Level

No more boring cardio and wasted time in the gym

The Fitness One Training System is not a random series of workouts-But instead a planned set of total body exercises that equally train the body on every plane, while adding the latest science in 'burst' training for maximum fat loss. The goal? Your fat loss and lean muscle gain. Feel better, move better, look better and be a better version of YOU.

World Champion Martial Arts Classes and Training

We offer the best in Martial Arts for kids and adults. Our system trains champions on and off of the martial arts floor! Kids taekwondo and karate with a combo of Krav Maga and ju-jitsu, and adult martial arts classes that focus on Israeli Krav Maga, sport kickboxing and submission wrestling.

Kickboxing Workouts

Voted the best calorie burning and dubbed "the best workout on the planet" Kickboxing tones arms and shoulders, develops the core, burns calories, improves endurance and it is FUN. Classes taught by professional boxing trainers and coaches combined with Fitness Instructors.

"Man Up" Men's Only Strength Training

This group of men meet every day at 6:15am for the perfect balance of strength, core and cardiovascular exercise. Our men's only for workout is for those men who want/need or miss that old school weight room camaraderie, combined with the latest in strength training science for fat loss and anti-aging. Contact Allen Branch at 336-655-4558 to learn more.

Kettlebell Training

The Kettlebell. Wow. Burn up to 1200 Calories per hour with one of the best tools for overall conditioning in the world. A weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle, the Kettlebell stands alone as a great way to strength train while getting the heart pumping. A great strength training tool used often in the Fitness One system!

Circuit Training

Our trademark-The ultimate workout, combining the best of all Fitness modules into one fantastic workout. Our one of a kind system places exercises in the perfect order to maximize cardio, strength and fat loss. The perfect class.

SPT-the Scientific Model for lean muscle gain and shredding fat

This class does what no other class can do-Provide a total body progressive weight training workout that will help you lean out and be strong. SPT is a staple for ANYONE wanting to improve their health and fitness! This class is based on the latest science of strength, is perfect for all levels and the results are amazing!

TRX Suspension Training

What we feel to be the number one training tool in the world, the TRX trains the total body, core and more in a way like you have never experienced. A class favorite at Fitness One, The TRX is used in many of our Bootcamp classes, but also has a few classes of it’s own. Offered first in Kernersville at Fitness One.

Kids Martial Arts and Fitness

Martial Arts classes teaches focus, channels energy, develops confidence and build self-esteem. We train kids to be respectful, yet have the ability to stand up to aggression if needed. A non-violent way is the best option, but when that fails, they need something in place to help them respond. Our kids classes teach karate, taekwondo, krav maga and kickboxing. An incredible choice for kids!


Burning up to 800 calories per hour, our kickboxing program is the only one of its kind, and our staff are certified trainers and instructors. Not only will you learn correct form and basics, but you will also get a bag slamming workout, toning up arms and shoulders, shedding inches and punching away stress.

Sport Kickboxing

Learn from the area leader since 1995! Sport Kickboxing teaches the tools and techniques from the martial arts combined with boxing for an incredible sport style of fighting that is fun, a great stress relief and offers some really cool self defense skills as well!


Olinda Branch is leading our Strong and Sassy Seniors workout each Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am. Perfect workout for Seniors, someone recovering from an injury or has limitations, who want to be strong and fit-With the area's leading Senior Fitness Trainer.

(Scholarship available for any seniors 65+ with financial difficulties)

Israeli Krav Maga

“Krav Maga is the world’s leading self-defense program" and used by the Israeli special forces for training the most elite fighters in the world. Our Krav Maga classes are designed to teach that form of self-defense to the public in a safe, effective manner. The IKI is offered only at Fitness One and our training is direct from Israel!


Our new session is enrolling now to begin in September and we will be offering Special Classes for this group that are not listed on this schedule. OUR NUMBER ONE ENTRY LEVEL PROGRAM, the 21 Day Fat Loss Bootcamp does what every other program does not.

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A world class team of instructors and trainers to help you reach every goal

At our gym we offer far more that just classes, we have a system of fitness training that is results-guaranteed. You won’t need a boring treadmill, and you will not waste anytime sitting on exercise machines, nor doing boring cardio training that will never take the weight off. Our system will help you customize your plan for you, no matter your age of fitness level. We will help you gain lean muscle mass while improving all aspects of fitness.

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Simply reach out by phone (text is ever faster) and let’s find a time that works for you to meet with us. No strings attached, we can talk about training, our programs, give you some nutrition tips (if you need them) and figure out how we can help you with your fitness goals. We are on call for you at 336-655-4558.

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5 Fitness Tips to Boost Workout Results