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Mark Stewart reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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Great classes and instructors. They have a variety of classes to fit your personality and fitness goals. You will find top of the line equipment and knowledgeable staff. They offer aerobics, weight training, boxing and martial arts classes.

Rebecca Barber reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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Omg Ashley was a great trainer I really enjoyed my first day of the 21 rapid weight loss boot camp I look forward to many more and I definitely recommend this place !! Can't want to go back it definitely kicked my butt hahaha

Tricia Krentz Davis reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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This is the best place ever! Allen and the staff are really invested in their clients success and are helpful to make sure you achieve your goals. The classes, nutrition information and trainers kitchen site has helped me exceed the goals I set for myself. There is no other "gym" like it

Jonathan Rigsbee reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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Allan and his staff do a wonderful job at helping each member find their "place" at Fitness One. The family type atmosphere at Fitness One is incredible and works to hold you accountable, as well as motivating you to achieve levels you never thought were possible. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will certainly get there faster at Fitness One than at any of the big box gyms!

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  • January 10, 2016
  • Blog

As we age our muscle mass naturally dwindles as nature takes its course. This is a process, called Sarcopenia, begins as early as 20 and can ramp up to .4 lb loss in muscle each year by 50. The solution: Exercise your muscles hard with an assortment of resistance training modalities. Consistency is key – the muscle building benefits of each workout ends after about 48 hours.

When I work with my clients, we utilize a 2-3 day per week strength protocol that alternates between light weight high rep, (light Day) body weight and isometric exercises (medium day) and heavy lifting. The idea is to challenge and confuse the muscles to keep them guessing and getting stronger.

In my book, “Abs by 50” I go over beginner, intermediate and advanced level strength workouts that you can do with just a few pieces of simple equipment. It really is not hard to get a great resistance workout, you just need a little creativity and balance.

With multiple clients in their 40’s and 50’s, my goal is always to have the fittest, functional training clients around. We could really care less about making fitness some sort of crazy competition, although they can easily hold their own with anyone. The idea is to create lean, functional strength waling around in pain free bodies. Constantly pushing yourself to the limit each workout to prove how tough you are will ALWAYS end with you being hurt, taped up, busted up or torn up. Fitness and strength training do not need to be this way.

How much weight?

I accomplish great strength gains with the many different varieties of strength and resistance training available to us at Fitness One. And as far as heavy lifting goes? It doesn’t matter how much it weighs…If you can put it down under control, go ahead and pick it up. No reason for trying to hoist weights that your body cannot control coming down. Our clients must maintain perfect, controlled form through each and every rep.

Strength training can be fun, a great way to challenge yourself and the best way to maintain and build muscle all the way into your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

Keep challenging your muscles and they will repay you with ageless strength.

If you want to learn more about training after 40, check out my book, “Abs by 50” for complete training protocols.

Allen Branch

Allen Branch is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist with the NASM. He is the founder of Fitness One Training Systems, a results based training center that offers more before and after testimonials and results based reviews than every gym in the Triad area combined. The scientific approach to weight loss and fitness is both fun and gets fast, safe results.

Allen is available for free consultations and fitness assessments, and you can reach him at 336-655-4558 or email