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Michelle Renney reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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I have been very pleased with every aspect of this gym. From the trainers, other members and how Allen makes a point to say hello and encourage!! I tried BBC and found it didn’t suit me and especially when it came to the price of membership!! Just as many classes available and 1/2 the price...So glad to have found this treasure!!’

Lisa Uber reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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I absolutely love the fact that every time you go, you will always be doing a different, while very effective, workout! I get bored super easily working out - but not here! Love the variety, the instructors, and the people attending! Everyone is so supportive!!! If you are looking for a gym - give this one a try!

Tina Robbins Barton reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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There isn't a better gym out there.. These guys work hard to bring us the newest most effective way to get and stay strong/fit. Fitness One is also the friendliest gym I have ever been to.

Jason Milam reviewed Fitness One in Kernersville, NC
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Personable trainers, intense workouts and a variety of classes will get you where you want to be. Allen does an awesome job on the Krav classes! Never had one class disappoint.

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Fitness One is The Premiere Fitness and Martial Arts Training Center in Kernersville, N.C.

in 2018 alone, Fitness One has been voted Favorite Gym in the Triad by Triad Mom's on Main, is winner of the YES Weekly Best Gym in the Kernersville area, runner up in the Triad and was voted favorite gym by NEXTDoor Kernersville.

Look and see what Fitness One is different from the rest.


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

More than just a bootcamp, far more than just a gym.

Fitness and Bootcamp Classes for all levels

We offer the best in fitness workout programs including rapid fat loss bootcamps, kickboxing fitness, cross training, TRX, kettlebells, strength training, cardio and more. Our system of training was voted best in fitness and personal training in the Kernersville area. Often imitated, never duplicated! Our fitness system helps you get in and out of the gym with great results and no wasted time.


Where do I even begin...I'll start by saying I live 45 minutes from Fitness One and yet I still go there! Why? Because I've never experienced a workout like the one I get a Fitness One. I've tried several different gyms and nothing even comes close! The energy, the encouragement, the feeling you have after a work out is incredible. I've done cardio at a box gym that is closer to my house, and when I've looked at my fitness tracker, I got so frustrated because I had only burned half the calories in the same amount of time that I would at Fitness One. The kick boxing classes are a huge stress reliever for me too. In 45 minutes you burn so many calories and leave feeling like you've really accomplished something. My energy level is better, my clothes fit better, and I'm getting tone. Whatever your fitness goals are they can help you. I absolutely love this gym!

Renee Kennedy

My experience at Fitness One has been amazing and it has exceeded my expectations in the 4 months I've been going there! I need something that pushes me because I won't push myself hard doing my own workout. I get excited to go to class and I'm always in a better mood after I workout! My kids also love going into child care while I workout! I am very happy I found this gym and have become a regular there!

Carlee Demaris

Allen is more than those- much more. He is insightful, resourceful, intuitive, energetic and optimistic. in short- a force to be reckoned with. How do I know? I have been trained and counseled by Allen for almost five years. At first I was merely interested in the physical development side of Allen but then it developed into something much deeper- something rare between modern males. Don’t misunderstand, under Allen’s tutelage I was able to earn my Black Belt in Krav but the education did not stop there. Allen has an intuitive feel for a person’s psyche and needs. You have a problem; Allen typically has a practical solution. You have an emotional set back, Allen is there to stop the slide and move you forward. You have a physical goal or even slide back, Allen is there to push you forward or to stop your slide backward. Allen has the knowledge, he has the capability and he has the wherewithal to improve almost anyone that seeks his help. Ask Allen to be your coach- both physical and lifestyle- you will be a better person in a very short period of time.

Dr. Charles Rawlings

I have been going to Fitness One for over a month now. This is one of the best commitments I have ever made. I love the variety of classes and all the instructors. From day one I jumped right in and have felt right at home. When I first visited I met Ethan and told him I had never really participated in classes before. I could see the commitment and strong belief in him for fitness. He's one of the biggest reasons I joined. For several years I have been running and doing workouts at home. I wish I had known about Fitness One a long time ago. I am looking forward to my journey here and seeing how much I improve.

Melissa Parks

Allan and his staff do a wonderful job at helping each member find their "place" at Fitness One. The family type atmosphere at Fitness One is incredible and works to hold you accountable, as well as motivating you to achieve levels you never thought were possible. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will certainly get there faster at Fitness One than at any of the big box gyms!

Jonathan Rigsbee

This is the best place ever! Allen and the staff are really invested in their clients success and are helpful to make sure you achieve your goals. The classes, nutrition information and trainers kitchen site has helped me exceed the goals I set for myself. There is no other "gym" like it

Tricia Krentz Davis


Kernersville Owned and Operated for over 20 Years

Allen and Olinda Branch have operated fitness facilities in Kernersville since 1995. The goal is to provide the Kernersville area’s only results based fitness training program, getting their members the one thing they need from their workouts, results.

At Fitness One, staff and members are like family, and this team of trainers and staff have helped hundreds of people in the area lose thousands of pounds, transforming lives in ways that sometimes defy logic.

Community support, science based fitness, world class instruction and the Southeasts largest bootcamp style fitness and training center. Welcome to Fitness One. We are glad you are here.


No more big box gyms or overpriced bootcamps that focus on hype and cardio instead of science and results. At Fitness One, you will begin with a free fitness assessment and evaluation. After that, we will teach you proper form, exercise modifications and explain all our classes and schedule. You will be given meal plans based on your goals, and we will work you into the class that is perfect for you. We will focus on lean muscle to help you burn the most fat possible, and we will save the wear and tear on your body.

There is no better way to get going in a fitness program that is fun, effective and you will never repeat the same workout twice!


For Adults and children, our martial arts classes are second to none.

Learn the Krav Maga that the Israelis learn in the finest fighting force in the world. In Israel, students do not train to blasting music in a fitness setting, they are learning self-defense they can use in a real battle. We are the only Israeli Krav International certified school in the triad.

We also offer kickboxing, kids martial arts and fitness and much more.



Welcome to Fitness One, our community-based fitness program that is designed for busy people just like you, who are looking for real fitness results. We will start you where you are, and build you into the person you want to be. Our classes are modified for every level and we will train you on how to perform exercises correctly and how to suit each program to your level.

Best of all we will provide you with results-Real results you can see and feel! Contact us and let us schedule a free trial session where we can discuss a plan for you. I look forward to meeting you personally, and starting your fitness journey together!

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