Personal Training

Reach your fitness goals with a certified Fitness One Personal Trainer

With a Personal Trainer, you get one on one accountability, completely individualized training and our guarantee of results from the program. 

With a Fitness One personal trainer, you lose weight faster, learn proper form for your level and we teach you everything you need to know. Your nutrition, exercise form and programming and the accountability you will get are all important. All of our fitness programs are also included for you. When you are not with your trainer, you still have access to our full program line up for free at our 10,000 square foot training center in Kernersville.

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Certified Personal Trainers who specialize in weight loss, toning and functional training for any age.


Our system will keep your workout routines fun and help you get great results with each workout

Personal Training is one on one

Reported Fitness Results

Fitness One offers a model that gets results and keeps you training!

At Fitness One, we are specialists in one-on-one Personal Training. We meet with you, assess your goals, design a plan, and then execute the plan with a results-focused workout designed for you based on our exclusive six-step training system, the only one of its kind. Our Personal Training Program is the answer to the hours of wasted time in the gym, bored to tears on a treadmill to nowhere like a mouse on a wheel, or placing pins in exercise machines. We all know it gets boring and usually sees little results.

Why get a Personal Trainer?

Because we are experts in the field of fitness training and we guarantee results from our program. No longer do you spend hours in the gym, instead this is a three to four times per week for only thirty minutes per program. We train all muscle groups, give you a great cardio workout and you need never repeat the same workout twice.

Our personal trainers are the best at what they do, and offer a variety of workout formats that will ensure you don’t get bored from your routines and that you don’t plateau in your results. Personal Training can be offered from as little as once per month to as often as you like. Optimal results are seen with a three-times-per-week program, but great results can also be seen with as little as two times per week.

What is included with Personal Training

-Choose from our personal training options of 1-5 Days per week of one on one
-An initial session with Allen Branch to discuss your goals and develop your plan
-Weigh in and measurements with each Personal Training Package
-All of the classes at our 10,000 square foot facility included with Personal Training
-Our new nutrition blueprint, Refuel and accompanying video course on meal planning
-A complete wellness plan for weight loss and fitness


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Amazing Before and After Testimonials

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It really is all about results, and at Fitness One, those results are guaranteed. We will work together to be sure you have a plan. Exercise, nutrition, time management and more may be involved. Whatever it takes, Fitness One is known all over the Triad area for getting real results. Fitness One is actually the leader-Voted best in Personal Training and Fitness in the Kernersville area.

Allen is the type of trainer who understands that over training your body can be as harmful as not training at all.
He is always on the cutting edge of new technology and training techniques.
— Rick Marsh
Allen Branch’s Fitness One Training Systems in Kernersville NC offers Personal Training for all ages for weight loss and fitness. Our Personal Trainers will give you a full assessment of your fitness level, help you develop a personal fitness plan and guide you every step of the way with our elite level Personal Training program.

Our system of Personal Training is different from anything else out there when it comes to fitness training. We not only use the most cutting edge training methods, we follow our specialized system which maximizes fat loss while improving lean muscle gain. Our gallery of before and after photos and testimonials are second to none and we look forward to helping you join the ranks of those who were successful with their fitness goals utilizing our Personal Training program.
— -Allen Branch, CPT, SCS, SNS, NASM-PES Founder Fitness One Training Systems